Review - Peer review (David Duindam) – Is the physio2future model suitable as an orientation for sustainable physiotherapy?

Article: Peer review (David Duindam) – Is the physio2future model suitable as an orientation for sustainable physiotherapy?
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Author: David Duindam
Review date: 16 February 2023

Peer review (David Duindam) – Is the physio2future model suitable as an orientation for sustainable physiotherapy?

Please provide a review in the form of a summary that addresses the following main themes.

Overall, an interesting, thought-provoking article.

1. Complete, coherent, and well-organized presentation: Generally yes. In the introduction, you may want to consider defining what exactly you mean by ‘sustainable Physiotherapy’.  For the context of this article, it may help readers orientate themselves to your points. Sustainability can have many forms e.g. environmental, economic etc.

2. Sufficient explanation of the significance of the problem: Yes

3. Clear demonstration of the relevance to the field (beyond the case presented): Yes

4. Original contribution to the topic of physiotherapy education: Yes

5. Compelling presentation of the problem within a theoretical framework (where appropriate): Yes, the article is thought-provoking about the vulnerabilities of Physiotherapy as a profession among other topics.

6. Establishment of a relationship between the problem and other relevant literature: Yes

7. Appropriate research design and method: Yes

8. Accurate and useful interpretation: Yes

9. Sound argument and analysis: Generally, yes

10. Effective conclusion about the implications for physiotherapy education, research, and/or practice: A very short conclusion is presented.

If, in addition to the points above, you could provide more detailed comments and feedback below, that would also be appreciated.


“appear to slow the unleashing potential of physiotherapy” – consider re-wording


“The vulnerability of physiotherapy (PT), for example, as a challenge in providing effective and relevant treatment strategies” – consider re-wording

“Moreover, the almost all-encompassing economisation that seems to affect the overall quality and sustainability of medicine today can also be understood as a weakness for PT” – Great point

“As more focus is on price and economical competition as worse the quality of PT becomes for patients’ care and creates other negative influences in the value-based health approach”  – consider re-wording

“But also, physiotherapists as employees benefit from a human-centered orientation in terms of clinical quality and sustainability” – consider using ‘However’ instead

“The barriers to the acceptance of the dimensions, methods, strategies, and approaches relevant to the sustainability of PT have been initialized and reinforced in different ways.” – May need a reference for this sentence

“basic dimensions such as evidence, autonomy, clinical relevance, and some more” – consider re-wording

“The P2FM must be convinced as a hypothetical “thought model” to provide a clearer picture and orientation of a sustainable and worthy profession for the healthcare system to conscientious physiotherapists in different major sections (clinical, educational, managing).” – consider re-wording


by the author of this project over a period of the least 5 years. – last


“Other answers were like” – consider re-wording


“The concerns of some managers about the question of human-centered” – consider re-wording

“This argument does not argue against the need for human-centeredness” – consider re-wording

“One of the most important tasks of conscientious PT can be expected in the dimension of sustainability in terms of the environmental impact” – consider re-wording, possibly use “it’s” or re-word the sentence to make it more clear


“Thereby, the factors of identification and sustainability should always be respected” – Consider re-wording. Using the word ‘Thereby” implies a connection to the previous sentence, in this case, it may need to be more clear what you mean by this.



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