Submission procedure

You will not be able to submit an article until you have registered with OpenPhysio. You should also make sure that you have reviewed the author’s guidelines to ensure that your article is aligned with the recommended structure. This will help the reviewers focus on the content of your work rather than the format and layout.

Submission procedure

If you have registered and are logged in, you will see your user Dashboard which is where you can create a new article. You would most likely want to copy and paste the text of your article into the appropriate fields in the editor, and then do some basic editing to make it look the way you want it to. If you are uncertain how to enhance your article in the editor, have a look at our brief writing tutorial. When you are happy with the format and layout of the article, click the Submit button in the right hand navigation panel.

Once your article has been submitted it will be moderated by one of the editorial team and then published immediately. At this stage the article will be public but will not have a DOI assigned to it and will not be citable as an academic article in the journal. Once it has been peer reviewed, and if it is accepted by the journal, the article will be updated with a DOI and can then be cited as a journal article.

If your article is accepted, the peer review reports will be published alongside your final article, together with your overview of the changes made during the review process. If your article is not accepted, the full text will be removed and only the abstract remain online. This is necessary because should you submit your article to another journal you will need to confirm that it has not been published elsewhere. See our peer review policy for more information.

Step by step process

  • Upon successful submission, our system will immediately send you a confirmation email.
  • Within a few days, one of our editorial team will be in touch to discuss your submission.
  • If your article is accepted into our review process, you will be paired with two peer reviewers who will work directly with you throughout the process.
  • If your article is deemed ready for publication, an Editor will moderate the review comments and make a decision regarding publication.
  • All works published in OpenPhysio are open-access and licensed to the public under a Creative Commons license.
  • The review comments, as well as your response, will be published alongside the final article.