OpenPhysio is an open access, peer reviewed academic journal with an emphasis on innovative approaches to teaching and learning in physiotherapy.  Launched in July, 2017 we accept papers that deal with the classroom, community and clinical contexts and encourage authors to take a critical perspective and submit papers where they have attempted to challenge the status quo. OpenPhysio also offers a unique opportunity to share your findings with the world immediately, without having to wait months (sometimes years) before publication.

Accepting submissions

We are now open for submission of articles related to physiotherapy education. See the Author’s guidelines and Submission procedures for detailed information on the writing and submission processes.

How is OpenPhysio different to a traditional journal?

  1. Immediate publication: Your article is available to the public almost immediately after submission.
  2. Peer review is open and transparent: Authors work with peer reviewers, and the reviews and author response are published alongside the final article.
  3. You retain your intellectual property: OpenPhysio does not require you to transfer copyright, and there are no page fees for published articles.
  4. Articles are first class internet citizens: Your articles can be enhanced with images, audio, tagging, hyperlinks, and video.

We are in the process of applying for an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) and Digital Object Identifier (DOI) registration.