Considering the precariat: A conversation with Shaun Cleaver, Sidhiprada Mohapratra, and Mathieu Simard

Note: This episode was recorded in 2021, about a year into the pandemic.

In this episode I speak with Shaun Cleaver, Sidhiprada Mohapratra, and Mathieu Simard, about their article describing their experiences as early-career academics affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown. As part of the review process there were significant pieces of the article that the reviewers asked to be removed as they were not central to the main thrust of the work. I thought the sections that came out were nonetheless important to consider and so asked the three authors if we could talk about those aspects of their work that didn’t make it into the final publication.

Article citation: Cleaver, S., Mohapratra, S. & Simard, M. (2021). Contagious precarity: A collective biographical analysis of early-career physiotherapist academics’ experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic. OpenPhysio.

Related: Ellis, B., Rowe, M. & Cleaver, S. (2020). English language dominance of the profession. In beta podcast.

Shaun Cleaver

Sidhiprada Mohapratra

Mathieu Simard

  • PhD candidate at McGill University. Lecturer (non-faculty) at Université du Québec à Chicoutimi.
  • Chair: Task Force on Disability, Humanitarian Emergencies and Disability at Rehabilitation International. Co-chair: International Commission on Technology and Accessibility. Assisting and member through RI of Global Alliance for Disaster Resources Acceleration and the Disability inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction network.
  • ORCID: 0000-0002-8890-6864


Developing principles of movement training, with James Mcloughlin

In this episode of the OpenPhysio podcast, James McLouglin talks about the rationale behind his article on 10 guiding principles for movement training in rehabilitation. We also talk about the consistently high interest in this publication and what might be driving its popularity in the physio community. And finally, James discusses what he’d like to do next in order to extend this work.

Photograph of James McLouglin standing in front a natural background.

James is director of Advanced Neuro Rehab in Adelaide, South Australia, where he works clinically as a neurological physiotherapist. James is also part-time Associate Professor at Flinders University working as teaching specialist in Neurological Physiotherapy. James has degrees in Physiotherapy (University of South Australia) and Clinical Neuroscience (Queen Square, Institute of Neurology, University College London) and a PhD at University of New South Wales. James has experience in research in gait, balance and dizziness in various populations. James has an interest in movement recovery, motor control and rehabilitation with people with all neurological conditions, in addition to those with balance/dizziness.

You can find James online at: