A way forward: Teaching lens for embedding “4C’s” in 21st century learning for future Physiotherapy Graduates Education

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In modern education, flipped-blended learning has gained popularity around the globe. However, pedagogical inquiry of what we teach, where we teach, how and how much we blend in face to face (F2F) and online teaching is focused on the account of instructors (lecturer) designing new models of flipped-blended learning at undergraduate physiotherapy courses. This article describes a case report that illustrates why TBL and how hybrid TBL can be used to help undergraduate physiotherapy students (year 2) to understand and improve their ‘4Cs’ - Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity in a cardio-respiratory disease management topic. This case report intends to answer one big question “Is H-TBL a way forward for 21st-century learning?”


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