Physiotherapy skills in the difference of years of therapists’ experience and affiliations

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In Japan the education of physiotherapy skills for physiotherapists and their students are often performed based on individual therapists’ experience. In addition, in physiotherapy education, it is important to differentiate between experienced and novice, but firstly, it is necessary to define ‘experienced’. The purpose of this study was to clarify physiotherapy skills through the comparison of experience and institutional training by means of a Weight Shifting (WS) practical assessment. Participants of this study were 10 physiotherapists from 2 institutions. The WS was repeated 3 times on a simulated patient. The ground reaction force (GRF) of the simulated patient was recorded during the task. The ratio of the center of pressure (COP) displacement was calculated by dividing COP displacement by the distance between the center of pressure of both feet of the simulated patient to normalize. The obtained data was compared between experienced and novice, and their institutions. The therapists’ years of experience for a novice was categorized as less than 11 (5.5-10.5) years, and for experienced as more than 11 (12.5-27.5) years. There were significant differences between each institution’s ratios for COP displacement as well as the maximum GRF. It was considered that years of therapists’ experience does not necessarily correlate with physiotherapy skill, especially if they have 6 or more years of experience. Greater differences were observed between institutions with regards to the characteristics of physiotherapy skill.


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