Physiotherapy students’ perception of their clinical learning environment and clinician teaching attributes in Nigeria

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Background: Feedback from students about their clinical learning environment and clinical instructors should be assessed regularly as they may affect the outcome of learning, readiness for professional practice, and level of satisfaction with the profession. Aim: To determine physiotherapy students’ perception of their clinical learning environment and clinicians teaching attributes. Methods: This cross-sectional study conveniently recruited 258 participants from two academic institutions which offer physiotherapy training in southeast Nigeria. A self-structured questionnaire, McGill clinical Teacher Evaluation tool and Dundee Ready Educational Environment Measure were used to collect data. Mann Whitney U test analysed the differences in perceptions of clinical learning environments and clinicians' teaching attributes based on institution and level of study. Kruskal-Wallis test explored the difference in students’ perception of clinicians teaching attributes based on the students last clinical posting unit, clinical instructors' gender and educational level.
Results: Students’ learning environment was perceived to have more positive than negative features. Perception learning was rated highest while social perception was rated lowest. Clinicians were rated the highest in ‘clinical interest in helping students to learn and lowest in ‘Emphasizes concept rather than factual recall. A significant difference was observed only in the clinical learning environment rating based on institution and level of study. Conclusion: There is need for a regular evaluation of clinical instructor’s attribute and the clinical learning environment so as to monitor students' learning outcomes and ensure readiness for professional practice.

Keywords: Clinical Education, Environment, Physiotherapy


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