Review (Matthew Low) – QuaranTrain: An international community of practice for learning

I really enjoyed the article and get a real sense that you are on to something here.  But, I feel that the article would benefit from restructuring and gaining a real sense of clarity.  In one way, I love the writing style, it is informal and reactive, almost in the same way that QuaraTrain emerged from an unpredictable, unprecedented and almost unreal way!  On the other way, it can come across as disorganised and the tenses appear to be mixed up which throws the reader around somewhat.

I have attached more detailed feedback but, in summary, I really like the heart of this paper and feel that it should be ‘out there’ – but at the same time, I feel it would benefit from refinement, polish and more coherence.

I hope this feedback is helpful and I am more than happy to work to get this right!

One thought on “Review (Matthew Low) – QuaranTrain: An international community of practice for learning

  1. Dear Matthew

    Thank you very much for your helpful feedback. It was very helpful to receive feedback on how it could and would be perceived. As such, we went through the whole text, rearranged paragraphs, and lines to create a better readable article. Our focus in re-adjusting was indeed to create more clarity and structure while trying to maintain the emergent nature.

    The detailed feedback was off great help to rephrase and expand lines of thought where those who were misty or lacking.

    We hope the present version provides a more coherent story in which the nature is preserved with a more profound clarity.


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