Healthpunk Vol 2: Fiction + Healthcare + You

Healthpunk Vol 2: Fiction + Healthcare + You

The need for transformative change across healthcare and society at large is now well recognized in light of diverse social, ecological and health crises. Out of an introductory public health module for first-year students in the Bachelor’s program in physiotherapy at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Healthpunk writing emerged as an approach to imagine diverse futures for more socially and ecologically responsible physiotherapy and healthcare in general. A collection of stories written by this first cohort of students was published in Physiopunk volume 1 alongside an introductory editorial and a series of multilingual commentaries from physiotherapy educators from around the world.

Healthpunk volume 2 invited health students, clinicians, educators, researchers, professional representatives, policymakers, and patients from around the world to send us their own fictional stories located anytime in the future, in which the work of health and care is deliberately focused on responding to social and ecological challenges and supporting better ways of living and being healthy together in this manner.

Punk is neither always what you think it looks like, nor always just the new that has arguably never been before. Click on the image to download the Healthpunk Vol 2 Cover Art by

The need for hopeful yet radically different possibilities for future health/care implies reaching beyond the parameters, logic, and politics of our siloed clinical environments and scopes of practice. This also means that Healthpunk stories do not need to be realistic in any narrow or immediate sense but, rather, to let go of established conventions and imagine otherwise futures filled with creativity and genuine care for the health of everyone we share this planet with. 

A total of thirty-one authors came together to contribute ten Healthpunk Stories and four commentaries respectively. The stories are presented in four different languages where those that were written in French, Finnish or Portuguese are provided alongside English translations. The entire volume is framed by a prologue and two enditorials produced by members of the editorial team, where one of the latter was originally written in German, all in our continued effort to advance the diversification of health futures.

We hope you will enjoy the journey that Healthpunk Vol 2 invites you on and look forward to conjuring up even further future healthcares with you.

Your Healthpunk volume 2 editorial team,

Filip Maric (PhD), Associate Professor, UiT The Arctic University of Norway; Founder and Executive Chair of the Environmental Physiotherapy Association

Liv J. Nikolaisen (MSc), Physiotherapy Programme Lead, UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Mahitsonge Nomusa Ntinga (MSc) Lecturer, University of Cape Town

Jena Webb (PhD), Director of Programmes, CoPEH Canada Community of Practice in Ecosystem Approaches to Health

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PDF download:
Healthpunk Vol 2 : Healthcare + Fiction + You

Healthpunk Vol 2: Fiction + Healthcare + You

Maric, F., Nikolaisen, L. J., Ntinga, M. N., & Webb, J. (Eds.)(2022). Healthpunk Vol 2: Fiction + Healthcare + You. Open Physio Journal.

Click on the image to the left to download the full collection. Individual downloads are available through the table of contents below.

Table of Contents


How do you do something you have never done before?
By Filip Maric, Liv J. Nikolaisen, Mahitsonge N. Ntinga, & Jena Webb

HealtHpunk Stories

Time by Meri Westlake

Embodied Case History Assessment: A new era of empathy
by Bonnie B. Y. Cheng, Lisa Anemaat, & Peter H. Worthy

If we could turn our emotions into light by Jiameng Xu

Soigner les Nouveaux Centaure / Caring for the New Centaurs by Sandra Friedrich

Utopioita genitaalisilta rajapinnoilta / Utopias from the Genital Limits
by Annastiina Rajala-Vaittinen

A Note for Future Bodyworkers by Eriko Fujii

Futuros Ancestrais: As Cantadoras de Histórias / Ancestral Futures: The Story Singers
by Jocyele Ferreira Marinheiro et al.

Night Swimming by David A. Nicholls

Homo Sapien by Bailey Davis

The Stand by Melissa Bates


Relational Becomings and Ethical Practices
by Louise Søgaard Hansen & Trine Schifter Larsen

Easier to Imagine by Ben Brisbois

Science Fiction: A Healthy Preoccupation? By Nick Pollard & Sandra Schiller

Embracing the Unknown by Kristen Abrahams & Rita Macamba


Als Physiotherapie noch in der Praxis stattfand / When Physiotherapy Still Happened in the Clinic by Filip Maric

Therein lies hope by Jena Webb


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